March for Life

The March for Life event occurs on January 22 of every year to defend life and stand against the Roe v Wade decision to legalize abortion.  We look forward to the day that we can march in victorious celebration of the Roe V Wade reversal.

2016 Information

Informational Meetings-
Planning is just beginning and information will be posted as it develops.

*Cost – $275/person – Food may be extra
*Payment due 12/15
*All Paperwork due by 12/15.
-Medical/Permission Form
-Copy of Photo ID
-Copy of Insurance Card
*All Virtus compliance completed by 12/15
-All persons over age 18
-All persons who turn 18 while on trip
*Depart LATE on 1/19
*Return during the day on 1/23
*Pick up locations
-Iowa City
*2 Nights stay on floor
*2 Nights on bus2016