WATCH Retreat

We Are The CHurch! WATCH Retreat

In today’s busy world it seems like we continually spend more time on matters considered “necessary” and less time on areas of our lives we really need to deem important. Like our faith journey.

What is WATCH?

  • A weekend retreat
  • Ecumenical
  • Co-Ed
  • Spiritual Renewal
  • Personal Development
  • Stree Free
  • Meet new people
  • Strengthen Relationships
  • Laughter

November 16-18, 2018

  • Friday, Nov. 16 – 7-10pm
  • Saturday, Nov. 17 – 8am-10pm
  • Sunday, Nov. 18 – 8am-2pm

St. Mary’s Church, Pella
Registration forms available in back
of church. For more information
see Deacon Don or Deacon Lowell.