Vision 20/20 Convocation

I am Steven Phillips and I would like to share with you about Vision 20/20 ‘from Pentecost to Pentecost’.  

Since the first Pentecost, our Church has been around and we are assured it will not go away.  So what does that mean to me?  Well, attending the 3 day Vision 20/20 Convocation at SAU in Davenport in early June, the Diocese gathered like the first Pentecost.  Our Bishop, Priests, Deacons, religious sisters, some parish staff and lay people from all age groups, gathered to discuss the Church in our time and place & what it means to be spirit-filled Evangelizers in the Diocese of Davenport.  We learned Evangelization is not so much a program but a giving of our time and walking with others and meeting them where they are.  We learned that through our baptism, all Catholics are called to share the joy of the Gospel.  Bishop Zinkula concluded the Convocation by sending those attending out in the closing prayer.

In the Vision 20/20 prayer notes the need to step out of our comfort zone.  It all starts with prayer so I encourage you to pray & ask God to help you to know how to evangelize in the way only you are equipped to accompany people in their faith journey. 

 I then invite you to learn more about Vision 20/20 by visiting the diocese website. (See link below) or reading the Messenger of June 13th)   All the talks were recorded during the Convocation and they are a great starting point for things to consider in the area of evangelization.  Then lastly, get less comfortable, give your first fruits to our Lord Jesus Christ & go out & share your faith or time with the poor or those spiritually poor and help make our beautiful Church even more beautiful.

Check out all the Convocation speakers on Youtube by clicking the link here: Vision 20/20 Convocation