Sign Up for Mass Update!

How to Sign Up for Mass – Update 7/20/2020

 To help allow everyone in the parish the ability to attend Mass, we are asking parishioners to only sign up early for one Mass a month. However, we do not wish to say Mass to an empty Church. If spots are still open Saturday, anyone can fill those spots. Sign-ups for Masses are available a month out. Please do not wait until the Saturday before to sign your family up for Mass.

Please also be considerate when picking the number of spots for your family. A single individual or couple only needs one spot. Those households of three or more will need two spots, either ‘A&B’ or ‘C&D’ of a row. Please do not reserve more places than your household will need, as this limits the number of families that can attend.

If you have any problems signing up for Mass through Sign Up Genius, please call the parish office as we would be happy to sign you up. Osky 641.673.6680, Pella 641.628.3078     

How to Sign Up for Mass at SMP & SMO Update 7.20.20

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