Radio Broadcast of Mass this Sunday!

Join us for Mass from YOUR car!

Thanks to Oskaloosa Catholic radio 95.7 KMFH we are now broadcasting the 8am and 5pm Mass every Sunday! Park within two clocks of the church to receive the signal, then join us in the courtyard for communion.

We welcome those participating in Mass from their vehicles to join us for Communion in the courtyard.

    • Park within two blocks of the Church to receive the signal. 
    • Tune into 98.5 to listen to the Mass.
    • After the ‘Lamb of God’ those wishing to receive communion can make their way to the courtyard.
    • Everyone is asked to wear a mask and socially distant from one another when coming to receive Communion.
    • Please wear your mask when approaching the Eucharist Minister.
    • After receiving the host, move to the side, remove your mask, and consume the host in the courtyard.
    • Then return to your car for the end of Mass.