Funeral Mass: Mary Beth Hunt

The Funeral Mass for Mary Beth Hunt will be Tuesday, September 15 at 10:30 am at St. Mary, Oskaloosa. The Mass is open to the public, within the current safety guidelines. The Mass will also be lived streamed on YouTube, starting at 10:25 am. Join us via the live stream here. 
As a parish family, we continue to pray for the repose of the soul of Mary Beth and that the Prince of Peace and Spirit of Comfort remains with Doug, their family, and the many loved one’s Mary Beth leaves behind.
Enteral rest grant unto her, oh Lord and let perpetual light shine upon her.

March for Life

The March for Life event occurs on January 22 of every year to defend life and stand against the Roe v Wade decision to legalize abortion.  We look forward to the day that we can march in victorious celebration of the Roe V Wade reversal.

2016 Information

Informational Meetings-
Planning is just beginning and information will be posted as it develops.

*Cost – $275/person – Food may be extra
*Payment due 12/15
*All Paperwork due by 12/15.
-Medical/Permission Form
-Copy of Photo ID
-Copy of Insurance Card
*All Virtus compliance completed by 12/15
-All persons over age 18
-All persons who turn 18 while on trip
*Depart LATE on 1/19
*Return during the day on 1/23
*Pick up locations
-Iowa City
*2 Nights stay on floor
*2 Nights on bus2016

Mwenda’s Home

Construction was started on a home for Mwenda.  This man’s mud hut you will see in the slides along with the new construction.  Through the generosity of a family from St. Mary’s, Oskaloosa, we were able to invest in the local economy there by hiring the local people and buying local resources to build Mwenda a wood home.  In two years, we hope to meet Mwenda and visit his new home!  Praise God for generous hearts!

Mission to Kenya

We are headed to Kenya in 2015!  Please pray for safe travels and safety while serving! During this mission we will build a house for Julia, work in the local orphanage, and meet people throughout the village.  In addition, we will visit the local clinic, the schools, and diocese.  Just a few months before 25 missionaries embark on a Godly adventure!