Ministry Formation Program

This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in knowing more about the
Catholic Church and in growing in their faith. Many participants are active
in their parish in volunteer roles or are interested in becoming more active.
They lead scripture study groups, are on the CEW team, teach faith formation,
prepare young people for Confirmation, are dedicated to service projects, or
journey with adults as they are initiated into the Catholic Church. Some
participants are in part-time or full-time parish ministry and are being
trained for specific roles. There are many reasons why people join the MFP
(Ministry Formation Program). It is adult faith formation designed to be
convenient, theologically sound, and comprehensive in its curriculum.

The Ministry Formation Program is more than a program to train people for ministry, it is also a great way to grow in your faith and learn more about how you can become more active in your parish.

We offer a basic two-year program for pastoral ministry and specialization tracks in Parish Administration, Liturgy, and Catechetics. You may contact IlaMae Hanisch at or 641-791-3435 for additional information.