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Totus Tuus 2022 (July 18th-22nd)

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Synod 58,000 Cups of Coffee

58,000 Cups of Coffee

As part of the Diocesan Synod process, we are inviting everyone to share a cup of coffee with three people you know and ask them these questions, “Based on your personal experience, what fills your heart and breaks your heart about the Catholic Church?”  For more information and to share your conversations with the Diocese, please visit

We have coasters for you that join the initiative, stop by the PC

Covid-19 Restrictions move from Step 2 to Step 3

The policy is effective starting Pentecost weekend, May 22-23, 2021
The Diocese of Davenport is following the recently issued CDC guidelines which are as follows. 
Those who have been fully vaccinated against the Coronavirus may choose to remove their face masks/coverings in both indoor and outdoor social settings.  Those who have not yet been fully vaccinated should continue to wear face masks/coverings and practice social distancing.  We will have sections of pews available for those who wish to social distance as well as pews available for those who do not wish to practice social distancing.  St. Mary’s Parish respects your privacy and we will not ask you of your vaccination status. If, for some reason, this information is needed, we will keep it strictly confidential.  
Mass will continue to be livestreamed and available via 98.5 in a 1 block radius of the church with Communion in the courtyard until further notice. The dispensation for Sunday Mass remains in place until further notice.
COVID-19 Reopening Policy Step 3 – Diocese of Davenport revised 05 19 20…

Meet Fr. Troy

Fr. Troy Richmond, 45 –  youth returns to SMO/SMP – as of July 1, 2020, will serve as pastor of SMO/SMP.  An Ottumwa native – as is Radar O’Reilly as MASH devotees would know – he graduated from Iowa State University with a BA in music. –   Go Cyclones!  –  I can’t wait for the battle of the grand piano and the trumpet with Lynn at her ivorys playing the Nebraska fight song and Fr. Troy on his trumpet playing the ISU fight song as a closing hymn should these teams meet up in a contest as Fr. Troy played in the ISU Marching Band.  –  I think it is just fine for Fr. Troy to blow his own trumpet –

He studied pre-theology at St. Ambrose, my Alma Mater (72) and later during the SAU days of Deb, SMP Faith Formation Director and Jeff Menke of SMP,  and completed his theological studies at Mundelein Seminary in Mundelein, Illinois.  He was ordained to the priesthood June 14, 2003 by Bishop Franklin – I was at the cathedral that day – Fr. Richmond previously served as parochial vicar at St. Patrick Parish and St. Mary of the Visitation Parish, Ottumwa; – I was pleased to be Fr. Troy’s first pastor and yes, he went on yet to live a normal priestly life – he went on as a parochial vicar at Ss. Mary and Mathias Parish, Muscatine and St. Joseph Parish, Columbus Junction; St. Mary Parish, Wilton; administrator of Our Lady of Guadalupe Mission, Muscatine; parochial vicar, administrator, and then pastor of Ss. Mary and Joseph  Parish, Sacred Heart Parish, Fort Madison (now Holy Family Parish, Fort Madison) and pastor of St. Joseph Parish, Montrose; and Pastor of St. James Parish, Washington prior to his service as pastor at Ss. Mary and Mathas, Muscatine since 2014 and as pastor at St. Joseph Parish, Columbus Junction since 2018.
A number of Fr. Troy’s assignments have drawn on his Spanish Language facility and this will be a blessing to the Spanish speaking members of SMO/SMP –  His overall pastoral experience in his 17 years as a priest having served as a parochial vicar and pastor will serve well his pastoral ministry at SMO/SMP.  I am truly pleased that Fr. Troy who was for me as a pastor, my first pastoral vicar is now, as a pastor to be my successor as pastor at SMO/SMP.
As the ole Latin blessing goes:  Fr. Troy, Ad Multos Annos! -To Many Years – Fr. John