There are several ways to continue making your contributions of treasure to St Mary’s Oskaloosa at this time.

  • Vanco
    Vanco is an online platform that is used by the Diocese of Davenport and several parishes in our Diocese to allow parishioners to schedule their regular tithes/sacrificial gifts. Whether you wish to make a one-time gift or you wish to schedule your weekly or monthly tithing, Vanco will allow you do to so by having funds withdrawn from your bank account or debit/credit card.
    Follow the link below to set up your private account. Feel free to contact the parish office if need help setting this up.
  • Auto Tithing: This is an automatic draw from your designated account on specific dates either the 1st or 15th with your chosen amount. (Forms are securely handled through MidWestOne Bank and the CPA)
  • Your Personal Bank Bill Pay: in which a check may be sent directly to the office and recorded to your record. This method is flexible and controlled solely by you, through your bank.
  • Mail: You can also mail your tithing to the Parish Center, 301 High Ave. East, Oskaloosa, Iowa 52577

We thank you for your generous gifts and for remembering St. Mary’s during these difficult times. God Bless you! 

Annual Diocesan Appeal

Giving is part of the sharing of resources good stewardship requires. It calls us to nurture our relationships with God, our families, our church, our workplace, our environment, our suffering neighbors, and our world.