Faith Formation

What’s Our Mission

St. Mary’s Parish in the Diocese of Davenport under the guidance and leadership of the Pastor continues the message of Jesus Christ that provides the foundation upon which a life of faith, hope, and love is built. We recognize our responsibility as a parish to provide for every member of our parish community lifelong faith formation consistent with the Diocesan guidelines and of the Universal Church teaching through the ministry of Word, Worship, and Service.

Faith Formation Commission

As members of the Faith Formation Commission, we recognize our commitment to:

Nurture a mature Faith in each person
Proclaim Christ’s message
Participate in efforts to develop community
Lead people to worship and prayer
Motivate the community of believers to serve others

We also recognize that primary Christian formation relies on the family and parish community while supplemented with the school of religion. Catechists and parents are considered a part of the Faith Formation Commission and are strongly encouraged to attend the meetings to provide input and share ideas.

Faith Formation Goals

Promote and encourage the proclamation of the message revealed by God which the Church proclaims

Build and promote community in the life of the Holy Spirit

Encourage service to the Christian community and the entire community at large.