Annual Advent by Candlelight Dinner




Please join us on Tuesday, December 10 for our annual Advent-By-Candlelight dinner.  This is a time to gather socially with other women of the church and the community. 

                  We will have a fellowship time starting at 6:00 with dinner to be served at 6:30 pm. Please feel free to bring your favorite wine or beer.   

Please consider hosting a table.  Tables will be set for 8 people.  Hostesses will be responsible for the table decoration, which needs to include candles or some sort of lighting and may decorate tables on the evening of December 9 from    5:00 – 6:30 pm .  

You will be responsible to collect money ($13) from the guests at your table.   Table service will be provided.  Chargers may be used.  PLEASE DO NOT BRING OWN DISHES.  Please contact Debbie Blunt at (641) 660-1937 or by email at to reserve a table. 

  If you don’t want to host a table, but would like to attend, please contact Debbie and she will place you at a table.  A short program will follow the meal.


Vision 20/20

An invitation from our Bishop

Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and with deep faith in the people of God, Bishop Zinkula calls the Diocese of Davenport to a revitalization of our faith and a renewal of grace in the spirit of Pentecost. The time is now for the Church to move forward and fill every heart and life with the joy of the Gospel through a fresh encounter with Jesus Christ. Let us rise up and embrace the glorious future for God’s faithful in southeast Iowa.

Vision 20/20 Prayer

Send your Spirit, O God
To open our eyes
That we might see clearly your gifts and blessings,
Past and present,
and so be filled with gratitude.

To open our eyes
That we might see clearly where we have failed to proclaim
The Good News and welcome the stranger,
and so be moved to ongoing conversion.

To open our eyes
That we might see clearly the signs of the times
And where your Christ lies hidden at the margins,
And so see where and how we are being called to serve.

To open our eyes
That we might see clearly the vision that you, O God, have for us,
the Diocese of Davenport,
and so answer your summons into a future together.

Yes, O God, send us your Spirit in a new Pentecost:
Renew our hearts
Renew our Church
Renew our world

Through Christ, Our Lord. Amen.

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