Holy Week

Fr. John’s Holy Week Reflections

Holy Week

Palm Sunday

Spy Wednesday

    • 30 Pieces of Silver Reflection 
    • Read Matt 26:7 and Matt 26:14-15
      • Then reflect on the two readings. When are you more like the woman with the alabaster jar and when are you more like Judas?
    • 30 Quarters Activity
      • This activity helps students reflect on Judas’ choice and the temptation of greed.

Holy Thursday

    • Mass of the Lord’s Supper with Bishop Zinkula
    • Making Bread for Holy Thursday
    • Brother Francis – The Bread of Life: Celebrating the Eucharist!
    • Breaking of Bread – Reflect on scripture verses about the breaking of bread.
    • Wash each other feet or do other acts of service for each other.
    • The Fourth Cup by Dr. Scott Hahn (Listen on FORMED)
      • Dr. Scott Hahn explains Christ’s Paschal Sacrifice on the cross as the fulfillment of the traditional fourth cup used in the celebration of the Jewish Passover meal. He draws a symbolic parallel to the Last Supper and Christ’s death on Calvary. Through his scholarly insights and important biblical connections, Mass will come alive for you as never before!
    • Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist by Dr. Brant Pitre (Listen on FORMED)
      • Dr. Brant Pitre uses the Hebrew Scriptures and Jewish tradition to frame the actions of Jesus at the Last Supper and to provide a fresh look at the heart of Catholic practice—the Eucharist. By taking us back to the Jewish roots of our faith, Dr. Pitre gives us a powerful lens through which to see anew the bread of the presence, the manna, the Last Supper, and ultimately the meaning of the Eucharist.

Good Friday

Holy Saturday

Easter Sunday

    • Celebrate the Risen Christ!
    • Have an Easter Egg Hunt
    • Color an Easter Message with chalk outside!
    • Spend time outside enjoying the joy of creation!
    • Get dressed up and have a special Easter meal!